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Aug 11, 2013 11:00pm EDT
police on and around the campus. even on this quiet afternoon you see that. the "washington post" reports guards will be posted at dormitories and a 24-hour shuttle service will be available to off-campus buildings. police will patrol the campus. that is not the image he wants for his alma mater, but as a freshman he was warned about violence. >> they said that by the time you graduate you would know three people who suffer through violence. >> they will not let it ruin the college experience. they will just be more vigilant. >> i know to watch my surroundings. lately i have been a little more nervous. >> despite the violent incidents, the summers -- the school says there has been a drop in crime over the last five years. >> thank you, ashley. the defense is set to open its case in a sentencing hearing for army private first class bradley manning. prosecutors called the final witnesses at fort meade. he faces up to 90 years in prison for releasing classified information to wikileaks. leaker edwardnsa snowden says he has secured a travel visa to visit his son in russia. he said he wants hi
Aug 8, 2013 11:00pm EDT
're in washington. f you walk over here this is where the ravens fans sat in a house that was divided tonight. >> you've got your ravens. >> and your redskins. >> born and bread in montgomery county. >> die hard skins fans say this to ravens fans. >> i would ask them who they liked before 1996. that's what i would say. >> but ravens fans have quite a response. >> super bowl choins. >> with the ravens on one side and the redskins on the other. this divided cup hl a long discussion about where to is it. mike the redskins fan won sort of. >> if we is it here we can see both. >> i don't think she's buying this is she? >> no. >> girlfriend ravens fans second that. >> we'll be moving in a little bit. >> the employees are split. a ravens supporting bartender works under a skins supporting manager. as you saw there, we have a lot of redskins and ravens fans in the house tonight. is hing they all agree on they are glad football is back. >> excited fans there tonight. thank you. >> also new tonight the recent tension between the united states and russia is about to take center stage before the nation.
Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
washington. sources tell us it is a very active seen that may involve an off-duty police officer. what do we know? >> we are a block away from where dozens and dozens of metropolitan police department officers are staging for what appears to be a very volatile situation. here is what we know. there was a shooting at 9 p.m. in this area at minnesota and eli play southeast. anse on the ground confirmed off-duty officer was involved in some kind of shooting. condition ofw the the person who was shot. a chase ensued and police say there is an active barricade a couple of blocks from where i am standing. we do have a sense that someone is hold up because -- holed up because police have courted off a mild to a half-mile radius. they are taking this very seriously as we have seen by walking around this area and tried to get to the spot. we have seen stage firefighters, pumper trucks, and multiple ambulances, swat team motorcycle s, and motorcycle officers. toy had to get back to work keep this area safe. >> thank you. we want to get to our other big story. a little boy talked back to hi
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of washington, just moving out of the mount vernonon area, south of prince george's county, along 66 toward front royal, there have been lightning strikes. a bit of thundershowers from frederick county, not far east of harpers ferry. separate batches of rain. some to our south. a chance of more of this later tonight but especially tomorrow. there is a cold front moving into the area, and that cold front will change everything. 72 in frederick. 77 in annapolis. muggy late tonight. a few isolated showers. temperatures hanging tough for one more day, and then the cool stuff up in michigan is heading south. >> thank you. >> new at 11:00 now, the martin luther king jr. likely will not be ready for the march on washington later this month. workers have been removing an indescription, but construction has now stopped. the contractor does not have insurance to finish the sand blasting. on workers accidentally stained it a brown color during the blasting process that was different than originally planned. >> also new tonight, an exclusive abc 7 investigation into how a mistake could have put the hea
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm EDT
has come since then. the anniversary of the march on washington has come and gone. 50 years later, is there more to be done? you felt like you heard, these are the next steps? >> i don't think they laid out steps per se but the energy is there and that we have to keep this energized. we have to keep these policies moving forward. >> the country has its first african-american president. because they marched, a voting rights law was signed. because they marched doors of opportunity and education swung open. >> i'm not a fan of the speech. >> but d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton tells me mr. obama's speech fell short. >> a wonderful thing to have said was we've now got a president to accept your challenge. i accept your challenge. i'm going back to congress and saying will you accept the challenge? >> narrator: 1963 they marched. by '64 they had the civil rights act. how do you gauge progression in 2013? >> judyou don't judge progress a single individual or even the fact that we have 43 members of the house of representatives. >> we made it. i think we're not quite there yet but w
Aug 29, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. >>> a d.c. delegate wants answers about the security backup at the march on washington yesterday. he wrote a letter to the secret service director asking for a meeting. we shot this video yesterday. some waited several hours to get through security. a few people passed out and some were hospitalized. the secret service said they processed people as quickly as possible. >>> a truck driver was distracted when he hit two cars and one went over the bay bridge last month. th officials say that he was looking at flashing lights in his rear-view mirror and didn't see the traffic stopped in front of him. another accident in april prompted police to take a closer look at it all. they are considering adding flashing signs warning of congestion and adding rumble strips. >>> experts are watching the new panda cup tonight hoping to capture another moment like this one. >> that's a lot of noise out of a tiny panda cub. she put her cub on the floor this morning and that caused it to squeak loudly. she carefully picked up the cub. the cub has a round belly. that indicates it is nursing well and you can he
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6